We generally provide on-site services by appointment. Alot of our services can be done on-site, but some services may require us to pick-up your computer and repair it at our shop due to time and equipment constraints.

List of Services
Technicians will perform system and hardware tests
**Diagnostic fee will be waived with the purchase of additional services**

Virus Removal
Virus Removal includes: diagnostics, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, OS repair, software updates and start-up services cleaning.

System Tune-Up and Cleaning
The system tune-up and cleaning is designed to increase system performance by running operating system and device driver updates, cleaning of system registry, removal of temporary files and start up items that can slow your system down.

Remote Service
Some services such as diagnostics, troubleshooting, software install, etc. can be provided remotely. In order to use remote service you must download the Team View Quick Support App through the link below, and have an active internet connection
$35.00 per hour

Operating System Install
Install new or re-install current operating system. We will also install all updates, and devices drivers.

Software Install
Install new or re-install software. This is limited to 4 software programs. This does not include the price of any software and/or license keys.

Data Migration
We will move personal data from one location to another, not including software.

Data Recovery
We will attempt to recover data from a failing hard drive, or recover accidentally deleted files. 
Warning: Some files may not be recoverable.

General Labor
General labor includes but is not limited to: installation/replacement of computer components, and services not listed above.
$65.00 per hour