Tech-Medic, LLC warranties workmanship for 30 days. If the warranty sticker is damaged or removed in anyway, the warranty will become null and void. All hardware is subject to warranty via the hardware manufacturer. Tech-Medic, LLC does not warranty the hardware, but will assist you in working with the manufacturer. Tech-Medic, LLC does not warranty virus removals, or any other software related problems.

Return Policy

Any item being returned must be in new and unused condition. Any item that has been installed or used is no longer returnable. Any special ordered item will be subject to the return policy of the vendor. Special ordered items may be subject to a restocking fee. Due to copyright laws, if software packaging is opened the software is no longer returnable. Please contact us for any questions.

Prices and Descriptions

All prices and descriptions listed on this website, or in store are subject to change without notice.


Tech-Medic, LLC will use the latest technologies and safe guards to keep your information safe. Tech-Medic, LLC will not share, or sell any of your information to any third party.  Should your information need to be shared for drop-ship purposes Tech-Medic, LLC will verify this with the customer. Credit card numbers are not stored, and will be processed using Square. 

Criminal Activity

In the event of a law enforcement request, any computer or electronic item may be turned over if a subpoena, or court order has been presented. Tech-Medic, LLC will not be held responsible for any item that is required to be turned over to law enforcement.

Child Pornography

If child pornography is found on a customer’s computer or electronic item, the appropriate authorities will be notified. Tech-Medic, LLC will be forced to turn over all customer information, and electronic items related to the child pornography. Tech-Medic, LLC will not be held responsible for any item that is required to be turned over to law enforcement.

Tech-Medic Ownership

Tech-Medic,LLC is solely owned and operated by Ryan Spindt. Tech-Medic, LLC is not affiliated with any other company.


The Tech-Medic logo, and slogan are the sole intellectual property of Tech-Medic, LLC. The TeamViewer Quick Support logo is a registered trademark of Teamviewer, and Tech-Medic, LLC is not affiliated with TeamViewer.

Payment Methods

Tech-Medic, LLC currently accepts cash, check, and money orders. Tech-Medic, LLC also accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover using Square.